Tooth Powder ( Orange )

Vi-one bleaching powder is the first whitening powder ever produced in Iran. It enjoys the license of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education due to its unique feature for removing microbial plaques and dental Tartar.


  • Removing Dental Stain
  • Plaque and Tartar reduction
  • Immediate Fluoride absorption
  • Containing vitamin C

How does Vi-one Tooth Powder work?

This product is formulated so that there will be no need to use toothbrush for a long term and by penetrating and removing germ from teeth and creating mild and natural erosion on dental tartar and plaques, it removes same. Vi-one powder consists of micronized particles and its hardness is less than enamel which prevents developing scratch on enamel. The fluoride of this product is released quickly(less than 30 sec.) and creates supporting layers on enamel and reinforce it. Vi-one bleaching powder comes in 3 flavors (orange containing vitamin C for freshness of gum, eucalyptus flavor special for smokers, disinfects and balances pH of mouth, mint flavor that is aromatic and disincentive)  whose consumption it will create a feeling of freshness.


Moisturize your tooth brush and put it inside the powder then brush your teeth gently .
Long term brushing is not recommended.
Keep it in cool and dry place