Complete Toothpaste

Vi-one complete toothpaste removes plaque without damaging the gum and enamel by abrasion and sheathing. This toothpaste, with its special formulation, increases the health of the mouth and teeth.


Features :

  • helps to strengthen teeth enamel
  • Stops cavity progres
  • Removing plaque and helping gum health
  • tooth stain Removal


The main reason for tooth brushing is to remove dental plaque. The plaque is an invisible harmful layer on the surface of the teeth and gums that even occurs without eating and drinking, and is the most important cause of dental cavities and gum disease.

Prevention from:

  • plaque
  • Tartar formation
  • Tooth decay
  • Gingival inflammation

How does vi-one complete  toothpaste work?

Vi-one complete toothpaste, using the best abrasive means “Hydrated Silica”, does not damage the enamel of the tooth and gums, acts as abrasive and shear, and thus removes plaque from the teeth and bleaches them. This toothpaste with fluoride enhances the enamel of the tooth. It also reduces the risk of tooth decay by reducing the production of acid in bacteria through inhibition of sugar fermentation pathways. Tetra sodium pyrophosphate (TSPP) used in this product absorbs calcium and magnesium ions in the saliva and hence blocks plaque calcification, which ultimately leads to tartar formation.

Active ingredients

Hydrated silica
Tetra sodium pyrophosphate (TSPP)

How to use

Apply twice daily for 2 minutes on a regular basis.


Avoid swallowing this product.