Mouth Spray ( Orange )

Vi-one aromatic spray has one of the most effective formulations with the aim of removing bad breath. There are 3 effective herbal compounds in the formulation of this spray which are Thymol, Menthol and Eucalyptol.

Features :

  • Removing Bad Breath
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Sugar Free
  • Good Taste

How Does Vi-one Mouth Spray Work ?

Bacteria are the main factor of mouth bad breath and as a result of their reproduction they produce malodor or Halitosis.

Special herbal ingredients in Vi-one aromatic mouth spray will create strong antibacterial environment in mouth that results in removing generative microbes and bacteria which cause bad breath.

On the other hand, ingredients applied in the formulation of Vi-one Spray creates a cooler, fresher and aromatic breath therefore, we strongly recommend daily consumption of the spray leading to freshness and elegant feeling in consumers’ mouth.