Mouth Anatomy

Mouth-AnatomyMouth is also called oral cavity which is the first part of digestion tube. It has four major functions including digesting food, sensing taste, speaking and breathing. Because of its functions, oral care is very important for general health.
The structure of oral cavity plays an important role in its duties. It has roof and floor which include hard and soft palates, muscular diagram and tongue respectively. The anterior opening of oral cavity are lips and the lateral walls are cheeks.
Generally, oral cavity is made of many parts including:
Gingiva (gums)
Hard palate : The bony front portion of the roof of the mouth
Soft palate: The muscular back portion of the roof of the mouth
Getromolar trigone: The small area behind the wisdom teeth
Oral tongue: The front two-thirds of the tongue
Buccal mucosa: Lip and cheek lining
Mouth floor: Under the tongue
Salivary gland: Six Salivary glands produce Saliva