General Mouthwash ( Alcohol Free )

Tooth decay is a major oral health problem for all people around the world.

Features :

  • Control of tooth erosion
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-plaque
  • Treating early tooth decay
  • Preventing dental caries
  • Strengthening enamel
  • Preventing periodontal disease
  • Freshness in mouth
  • Good taste

Tooth decay is the destruction of tooth enamel, usually from the production of acid by bacteria. Bacteria exist everywhere in oral cavity e.g. surface of teeth, gums and tongue. Teeth occupy only 24% of oral cavity, so even if brushing is being done correctly, it cannot completely reduce oral bacteria. Thus, using total care mouthwash would result in the complete reduction of bacteria.
Vi-one Total care Mouthwash reduce bacteria in oral cavity and because of Herbal essence of mint and eucalyptus, it creates freshness in mouth.

How does Vi-one Total care Mouthwash work?

Vi-one Total care Mouthwash contains fluoride and antibacterial agents. Fluoride can help strengthening enamel and control of dental caries. Antibacterial agent of Vi-one Total care Mouthwash is Cetylpyridinium chloride that acts directly on oral bacteria to help reduce plaque and decrease the severity of gingivitis. Moreover, Vi-one Total care Mouthwash contains oral microfoams that is used to penetrate tooth surface film and reduction of surface tension which leads to removal of surface stains and deposited food particles.


Sodium fluoride ……………………… 0.05%
Cetylpyridinium chloride …………… 0.05%


Use twice daily, 15 ml of the undiluted product for 1 minute. It is advised not to consume any food and drink until at least half an hour after rinse.


Do not swallow this mouthwash


No side effect