Breath Freshener ( Eucalyptus )

Vi-one’s Breath Freshener Tablets have effective formulations suitable for eliminating Bad Breath (Halitosis). Flavors applied in this product develop feeling of freshness in the oral cavity.


  • Removing Bad Breath
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Sugar Free



How does Vi-one’s Breath Freshener Tablets work?

Other than herbal extract ingredient, Menthol, this product contains Xylithol which is a harmless sweetener. In addition to its favorable taste, Xylithol is a 5-carbon sugar which enjoys special characteristics helping to prevent dental caries.

In view of its specific feature of not being fermented by oral flora, Xylithol reduces acid producing capacity in oral bacteria and on the other hand, it helps the remineralization process of tooth enamel.

Furthermore, due to its endothermic properties, Xylithol creates feeling of coolness and freshness in the oral cavity.