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Rojin Cosmetic Co. P.J.S is a Science-led manufacturing company with a background of 11 productive years. Our head-office is situated in Tehran and our factory is located in an industrial area 7 kilometer outside Tabriz, the central city of East Azerbaijan province in the Northwest part of Iran.
We enjoy services of experienced staff and skillful engineers whose expertise have helped the company develop through the past years and achieve its predetermined targets in the local market. Ever since the establishment of Rojin Cosmetic Company, it has been the founders’ intention not to launch the production procedure of a new product unless it preceded thorough scientific studies and research whose results have been most positive and satisfactory.Our company’s scientific trend and its research-oriented policies have been the reason for being number one in terms of market share in Iran. To maintain the superb standing and good name of our brand Vione in the local markets and due to our strong belief in principles of hi-tech, we advance our production lines’ facilities every year if applicable. In addition, we have applied Clean Room specifications in some parts of our production units in our newly constructed production premises where all of our production lines are located.


We produce quality Mouthwash liquids in 5 unique types with different features, all having been produced based on long and precise scientific studies and research programs. Few of our mouthwash liquids are made of herbal ingredients such as Anti-fungal and Anti-halitosis mouthwash Our other products include Mouth Freshener Sprays & Tablets and Teeth Whitening Powder in 3 tastes and flavors and whitening toothpaste complete toothpaste sensitive toothpaste gum protection  toothpaste and kids toothpaste. It’s worth mentioning that upon years of research and study and with the help of our laboratory specialists, we are in the position to start production of new oral hygiene products.


We are committed to continually improving our products, our packaging and our manufacturing processes.We will partner with healthcare professionals and leading experts—, dentists , pharmacists and scientists to develop a superior understanding of mouth and oral hygiene and natural ingredients in order to bring the best to you.


We have obtained all the respective ISO, CE, GMP, HALAL and Applied Standard Certifications to ensure our customers of our products sold under the leading brand name of Vi-one.


HAMED HAKIMZADEH has been rojin cosmetic CEO & Founder since the very first day of establishment of our company.